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Welcome to Simon Street Photos.


I specialise in monochrome photography. I enjoy building a wide range of Documentary/People, Travel, Abstract and Landscape projects.


I hold 10 Fellowships from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS)* where I am an Assessor. 

I also hold a Fellowship from the Irish Photograhic Frederation (FIPF).


Closer to home in Surrey in the UK, I am a newly appointed judge and member of both Kingston CC and the Richmond & Twickenham PS.

You will see my work from time to time in publications such as B&W Photography magazine.

I deliver a range of presentations to clubs and societies. I have now added Publications and Talks sections to allow people to buy books and preview presentations. All proceeds to charity.

Hope you enjoy the photos and all feedback and discussion is most welcome too!

* Documentary (Print); Landscape (Print and Photobook); Visual Art (Print and Digital); Applied Photography & Portraiture (Print & Digital); Travel (Print); Contemporary (Print and Digital)

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