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Seismic forces are at work re-shaping this city into a ‘New London’. 

2024 is therefore a compelling time to prepare a contemporary take on the city. I want you the viewer to feel I am ‘taking you in close’, providing you with a distinctive and lower viewing angle of people in everyday life.


Several themes matured during the work that may help you in navigating and seeing the intent behind these images:

 •Diversity – the increasing heritage London holds from different ethnic groups.

 •Austerity – the wealth and health gap – and the generosity of those who fight it.

 •Satire – the dark humour to be found even in difficult situations – many taken by stealth.

 •Emotion – the energy, body language and drama that help to tell each person’s story.

The Book 'CAPITA£ is available in the Publications section.


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